Pictures from the October 2006 Ranger Tactical Battle IV

28 October, 2006 in Mt. Sterling KY

Photos are high resolution, will take a moment to load. Videos are at the bottom of page.

Cody McCauley of C Co. and West Robeson of HQ

West and Mike Wagner at the top of Hill 100

West watching the line thru the fall foliage

Cody taking aim at the approaching enemy

Greg of the 29th ID

That damn dog followed us all day. Mike hates it.

Fantastic water logged trenches

On patrol

Mike Wagner and Cody on the thirty cal

Mike and Cody prepare the MG to fire

Wagner loves SPAM

On the road; talking about the next push

The LT and his Thompson

West taking aim


Watching the line

West being stuck on things

Mike takes a hit

Members of AFD

Eric and his mortar

Moving to the front

Orders from the SS man


The Allies

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